About CICS

Information Technology plays a vital role in research, teaching and administration of the MAEER. However, that role is to provide access to information and services, and the technology should not drive the way the institution operates. IT Strategy should guide the development of a well-found information environment in order to deliver convenient access to information, improve communication, collaboration and learning and ensure a flexible, responsive and above all a reliable system. This should enable established research groups to function effectively, new initiatives to be taken in teaching and learning to be both efficient and of the highest quality.

To look after these requirements, a separate department is active on campus called “Corporate Information and Computing Services” (CICS) which looks after in-house Maintenance of all Computer systems, Printers, Designing and implementation of new networks, Design and Development of Websites, UPS maintenance, Telephone maintenance, Email management. The department also takes care of all the new IT procurements.

The network infrastructure underpins all IT services mentioned above and more. Built on this is a large investment in desktop machines, printers and software. The staff and the students can utilize all the above resources provided to them regularly and effectively.

As on today 5000 desktops and 800 printers are available on MAEER's Kothrud Campus alone. All these desktops spread over campus are connected to a central server room through a fiber optic backbone. A dedicated 45Mbps Lease Line/ISDN Line ensures 24 hours fast connectivity to the world.